Crystal Rhoades

Nebraska Public Service Commission

I'm running because Nebraskans need to know that services we regulate are going to be safe, affordable, and that their money is spent wisely and their rights are being protected.

-Crystal Rhoades

What is the Public Service Commission?

The Public Service Commission is an elected board that oversees building of the telecommunications networks, 911 communications, household goods and movers, taxis, limousines, party buses, transportation network companies, privately owned natural gas and water companies, and grain elevators.

They work to make sure that these critical infrastructure utilities are reliable, safe, and affordable for consumers.

What has Commissioner Rhoades done while in office?

She has worked to increase funding for the Omaha 911 call center from $400,000 to over 1.4 million dollars annually and has worked on consolidating rural call centers to improve efficiency and lower costs.

She worked to pass a bill to bring Next Generation 911 to Nebraska including improved reliability of 911 and the ability to text to 911.

She identified and stopped overcharges of Omaha residents by a national cellular company.

She has worked with the Nebraska Legislature and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to find solutions to stop or restrict unwanted robocalls and has brought enforcement actions against companies violating the rules and regulations on robocalls in Nebraska.

She worked with the legislature to pass a bill to legalize transportation network companies such as Uber and Lyft.

She has been an advocate for the Lifeline Program which supports low income consumers who need to access broadband and telephone services at the local and national level.

She worked to reform the Nebraska Universal Service Fund and to stop waste, fraud, and abuse in that program so that tax payers can have confidence their money is being used efficiently to improve our telecommunications systems.

She has served on subcommittees with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) where she was able to assist in getting a three-digit National Suicide Prevention Hotline created.

She has been appointed the Vice Chair of the Telecommunications Committee at the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners.

She was also recently appointed Vice Chair on the national Broadband Expansion Task Force.

She wrote a dissent in the KXL Pipeline case opposing the building of the pipeline as proposed.

She has worked to improve access to broadband in Nebraska and at a national level.

Her volunteer activities included serving as the Chair of the Douglas County Democratic Party where she raised over $500,000 and increased turnout in every election over the last four years.


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